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Caps & Closures

The RingCrown & RipCap caps are easy to open ring pull bottle cap and grow your traditional markets or bring benefits to new markets by giving your customers the most convenience of opening the bottles. RingCrown & RipCap are the same diameters as crown corks, it fits the same bottle mouth. RingCrown withstands a higher internal pressure and is suitable for carbonated as well as non-carbonated, pasteurized and non-pasteurized drinks.
Apart from the easy to open consumer benefit, an additional benefit of a RingCrown & RipCap are the highly tamper evident design of them and the consumer can see instantly if the ring pull cap has been tampered with or opened, because of the construction of the metal bottle cap and it very important advantages compared to crown cork and twist off caps, in addition, they are suitable for glass, plastic and aluminum bottles a RingCrown & RipCap add to the uniqueness of your bottled drink.

26 mm RingCrown
26 mm RipCap
42 mm RipCap
26 mm Crown Cork Bottle Cap
Luxury Aluminium Closure